- Different Types And Styles Of Pizzas

" The pizza industry is worth more than 30 billion dollars in the United States alone and Americans consume around three billion units of pizza every year.

" New York pizza is traditionally plain. Supposedly, New York pizza is unique because of the acidity and hardness of the water in New York. New Yorkers therefore claim that only in New York can you make real New York Pizza.

(New Yorkers must admit, however, that if water is the unique characteristic of New York pizzas, one who uses water adjusted for hardness and acidity to reflect New York water conditions, adds all the usual New York pizza ingredients and toppings, follows all the procedures strictly but makes the pizza in New Jersey can conceivably make an authentic, New York style pizza. But such an assertion, some would say, is just plain cheek.)

Pizza types and pizza styles

The first step to a great homemade pizza is determining what type of pizza you wish to make. After all, different types of pizza have different attributes and thus call for different types of pizza base, pizza toppings and cooking techniques. Would you like to make an authentic Italian pizza, a New York style pizza, a California style pizza, or a Chicago style pizza?

Italian pizza is generally lean, although when you add cheese, its fat level generally rises in proportion. There are various kinds of Italian pizza, too. There are Neapolitan pizzas, of which there are two general types: the marinara and the Margherita. There are various combinations of these as well. Authentic Italian pizza, moreover, is supposedly baked on wood-fired or even coal-fired, stone ovens.

New York pizza, as abovementioned, is generally plain. The mainstay of New York pizza is mozzarella cheese - fresh mozzarella cheese to be precise.

One can add garlic, different types of cheeses, anchovies, shrimp, etc but these are usually optional. The pizza dough recipe for traditional New York pizza, on the other hand, calls for high-gluten flour. The result is firm, usually thin, chewy pizza.

The California style pizza is generally known for gourmet flavors. You can say the California pizza has countless variations. The pizza crust, in this case, is light, crisp and generally well risen. The toppings can be out of this world - generally California pizza makers experiment a lot with all kinds of meat, sea food, breakfast dishes, and vegetable for the toppings.

The Chicago style pizza, on the other hand, is generally crusty and very filling. They are characterized by their raised edges; imagine a pre-baked apple pie crust where you can place the fillings on top. Chicago pizza is usually meaty (some variants come stuffed with cheeses and meat layers) and it is eaten with a knife and fork.

You can also start by deciding on the flavor you want. Do you want to make a cheese pizza, a vegetarian pizza or a fruit pizza? Perhaps you want to make a low fat pizza, a low carb pizza, a healthy pizza? Sourdough pizza is also another variant.

Take your pick among your many options. Once you have decided, choosing the recipe would be much easier. If you have decided on an Italian pizza, for instance, then find your Italian pizza crust recipe, your Italian pizza sauce recipe and the overall Italian pizza recipe that will give you a list of toppings and pizza preparation procedures for making an authentic Italian pizza. For an easier time of it, you can opt to use Italian-style frozen pizza dough then just follow the Italian pizza recipe that you've found.

Some pizza making tips and.


Hand tossing will help you minimize the lumps in your pizza dough. However, this should be done only after sufficient pizza dough kneading. This process lets your pizza dough develop into the right kind of consistency - that which is suitable for stretching and hand tossing. Hand tossing, however, is not advisable for thick pizza crust varieties.

If you want a crisp and firm pizza that retains its structure even when the moist toppings are added, you can bake the pizza crust before you add the toppings and the pizza sauce. However, for thin pizza crusts, baking the crust after the toppings and sauce have been added is sufficient. For uniform baking and crisping of the crust, use a pizza stone or a pizza screen.

Finally, remember that the protein content of your flour will influence the end product. High-gluten flour will lead to a crisp but chewy crust. Gluten-free flour, however, may lead to very soft dough; additives may have to be used to give the pizza dough strength.

Quick pizza crust recipes and easy homemade pizza recipes of all kinds and style are easily available online. There are tips for baking and preparing frozen pizza dough, making your own pizza dough, preparing the ingredients for the best pizza crust recipe, etc. All you need to start making your very own pizza recipe is an internet connection, a good source of basic pizza recipe, great pizza equipment, your imagination, and lots of time and resources for experimentation.

An information and instructional site for the home pizza cook. The site provides information about pizza, and specific aspects of making pizza.

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MQ: Interim report second quarter 2015/16 - MQ acquires retail-clothing company JOY

BORS, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News:

MQ acquires JOY, a nationwide retail-clothing company with 54 stores and sales of SEK 258 million for the 2015 financial year. There is substantial potential to develop JOY as a strong retail concept for the target group of midlife women with strong buying power. The acquisition is in line with the MQ Groups long-term strategy to generate growth and advance its position as a player in the fashion industry.

Second quarter (December 2015February 2016)

Net sales amounted to SEK 433 million (417), up 3.8 percent. Like-for-like sales increased 2.5 percent (according to the Swedish Retail Institute Index, the markets comparable stores grew 1.9 percent). Gross margin was 47.6 percent (50.0). Operating profit was SEK 16 million (26), corresponding to an operating margin of 3.6 percent (6.2). Profit after tax was SEK 12 million (19), corresponding to SEK 0.34 (0.55) per share after dilution. Cash flow from operating activities was SEK 45 million (60).

First six months (September 2015February 2016)

Net sales amounted to SEK 815 million (774), up 5.3 percent. Like-for-like sales increased 4.6 percent (according to the Swedish Retail Institute Index, the markets comparable stores grew 4.0 percent). Gross margin was 53.3 percent (55.1). Operating profit was SEK 57 million (65), corresponding to an operating margin of 7.0 percent (8.3). Profit after tax was SEK 44 million (49), corresponding to SEK 1.25 (1.38) per share after dilution. Cash flow.

from operating activities was SEK 46 million (70).

Events during the second quarter

In menswear, the brands Replay, Lacoste, Knowledge Cotton Apparel and Scotch & Soda were introduced to the in-store collection. In womenswear, Boomerang, Dry Lake and Didrikssons were launched in stores. MQ Shop Online launched Richmond & Finch, Sophie by Sophie, Selected Homme, Replay Women, Ichi, Boomerang, Custommade, Pelle P and Lacoste Women during the second quarter MQ acquired for the formerly licensed Bondelid brand to the cost of 10 million during the quarter.

Events after the end of the reporting period

MQ acquired JOY, a nationwide retail-clothing company with 54 stores and sales of SEK 258 million. The potential in the company and the 50+ target group is vast and complements MQs target group. Women in the 50+ age group account for more than 50 percent of the Swedish womens fashion retail market and are today the markets fastest growing customer group.

MQ is Swedens leading brand chain. Through a select mix of proprietary and external brands, MQ offers mens and womens clothes with a high fashion content in attractive stores. The store chain currently comprises 121 stores and the aim is to establish MQ as the leading retailer of fashion brands in the Nordic region.

The MQ share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 18 June 2010. For more information, please visit our website at www.mq.se.

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Transcript: Toll Brothers' Bob Toll

This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," May 26, 2005, that was edited for clarity.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Toll Brothers (search), the maker of luxury homes, benefiting big time from the red-hot housing market, profits more than doubling in the latest quarter, blowing away estimates, revenue up 52 percent. Shares of Toll Brothers, hitting an all-time high.


housing demand, as Toll Brothers seems to indicate, won't quit, a good sign for the luxury home builder, whose quarterly profit, as we indicated Construction Jobs here, blew away all expectations.

In Pennsylvania right now, we're joined by Bob Toll. He is the chairman and CEO of Toll Brothers.

Robert, good to have you back.

ROBERT TOLL, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TOLL BROTHERS, INC. (TOL): Thank you. Nice to be here.

CAVUTO: What's going on?

TOLL: How about that, huh? It's supply and demand again, The same thing it was the last time we got together. More buyers than sellers.

CAVUTO: Do you ever look at what's going on? And it doesn't really happen so much with single-family homes, as it's happened in some parts of Florida, Silicon Valley (search), where people are flipping properties. This applies more to condos, I grant you, but without ever moving into them, treating them like stocks, would you do that?

TOLL: Would I do it? No, I wouldn't do it. And I wouldn't recommend that others do it.

But there's quite a bit of it going on and we're very much aware of it. Some of it is even happening on the single-family detached housing. We have huge disclaimers, warnings in our first qualification questionnaire that we ask the people to sign before we go into contract. And on the contract, there's a separate document that basically says, if you're an investor or a speculator, don't buy here, unless you want to hold for at least a year.

CAVUTO: But people move, too. How can you prove that or enforce that? If someone knows that, look, buying into a Toll development and flip it without the intention of ever moving into that house, they're going to be rewarded and they're going to do it anyway.

TOLL: Well, unless our clause is enforceable and they've taken a chance of going against the clause.

CAVUTO: Is it enforceable?

TOLL: In which case, all the profits is going to come to us. But why would you go buy from us, when we've got a clause that says, don't come here? Why wouldn't you go down the street and buy from somebody else?

CAVUTO: But wait. Wait a minute. How do you enforce something like that, Bob?

TOLL: You really don't. As I just explained, Neil, I think it's the threat of the clause that drives people to go someplace else.

People don't get up in the morning looking for a fight. They're looking to make a profit. So, if one fellow has in his contract don't buy here if you're a speculator and the other fellow's contract doesn't say anything about it, then wouldn't you naturally choose the one that doesn't say anything?

CAVUTO: Well, it's a good point.

But let me ask you, Bob, as someone who's been around the housing industry for a while. In the latest period that I saw, one out of four home sales were recorded for investment purposes, in other words, not necessarily for that person to move into exclusively as primary residence. Does that alone surprise you?

TOLL: The figure being as high as one out of four for the whole nation?

CAVUTO: Right.

TOLL: I can understand that in some of the hotter markets, like Vegas or east, west Gold Coast of Florida, New York City, or environs, but that would surprise me for Construction Phases the nation as a whole, because...

CAVUTO: But if it were that high if it were would that be a sign of froth to you and would you, as a premier builder, be worried?

TOLL: Oh, I'm always worried.

And we've seen a sign of froth in some of the hotter markets for quite some time. However, look what happened in San Francisco with the tech implosion. We lost 170,000 jobs. And that's not just eliminating the froth from speculation. That's eliminating people from a market in tremendous number.

The market went down, and, within 10 months, the market had come back to a new all-time high. And the reason is because of the spectacular demographics, the imbalance between supply and demand.

CAVUTO: All right. Robert Toll, always a pleasure. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

TOLL: Thanks, Neil.

CAVUTO: The chairman and CEO of Toll Brothers in Pennsylvania, Robert Toll.

Content and Programming Construction Plans Copyright 2005 Fox News Network, L.L.C. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Transcription Copyright 2005 eMediaMillWorks, Inc. (f/k/a Federal Document Clearing House, Inc.), which takes sole responsibility for the accuracy of the transcription. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No license is granted to the user of this material except for the user's personal or internal use and, in such case, only one copy may be printed, nor shall user use any material for commercial purposes or in any fashion that may infringe upon Fox News Network, L.L.C.'s and eMediaMillWorks, Inc.'s copyrights or other proprietary rights or interests in the material. This is not a legal transcript for purposes of litigation.


Luxury Homes in Hawaii - InfoBarrel

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the world. The prevalence of unique, picturesque mountains and volcanic forests among the Hawaiian Islands is complemented by countless beaches for recreation and relaxation. Hawaii is home to many large beaches with pristine water and unparalleled surfing. In addition to the water near shore, deeper waters off the coast of Hawaii's islands provide opportunities for world-class scuba diving and sports fishing excursions. All of the amenities provided by nature on and around the islands are matched by the dining, shopping and nightlife Free Construction Technology Construction available inland. Hawaii real estate is highly desired due to Civil the unmatched quality of living offered by the islands.

Hawaii's reputation as a land of beauty and tropical weather has driven thousands to relocate among its cities and beaches. Limited amounts of premium, beachfront real estate drove prices into the upper class demographic. Luxury homes in Hawaii began sprouting up as Construction investors and beach-seeking Americans chose to snatch up lots for development to capitalize on the weather and market. As anybody from Hawaii can tell you, housing options on each island are diverse, from condos and bungalows to luxury homes and waterfront mansions.

Beachfront Hawaii real estate is the most expensive on each of the islands due to the limited availability of such property. As a result of the limited beach access on which to build homes, demand far exceeds supply. Some of the properties on which luxury homes in Hawaii are found can run into the tens of millions of dollars. High price points for real estate throughout the region does exist, though the beach properties are at a level all their own. Most of the luxury homes in Hawaii offer amenities conducive to the climate and scenery. Panoramic views create a desire among builders for walls of windows, and the sea breeze creates an opportunity for comfortable outdoor living spaces.

Luxury homes in Hawaii come in a variety of designs and sizes, though the most common are typical Polynesian or Spanish in influence. Many modern housing arrangements have sprouted among the islands as space for building began to exhaust. Developers have taken initiative to construct luxury homes in Hawaii as multi-family dwellings.

Many of the larger cities on the mainland have begun revitalizing their congested areas with luxury lofts and attached homes or condominiums. Luxury homes Construction Firms in Hawaii are following suit to a certain extent in effort to keep business flowing through the real estate market which, in turn, helps to support each of the island's distinct economies. As a resident of Oahu, Aloha Tony has witnessed the economic recovery first hand.

Outside of beachfront property selling at an upscale budget, some of the property around Honolulu also demands prices of a luxury home. Honolulu is the biggest city among Hawaii's islands, offering amenities and accommodations not to be found elsewhere in the state. Hawaii real estate in some of Honolulu's more exclusive neighborhoods parallels the cost of a beachfront luxury home in Hawaii. The costs compare favorably due in large part to the conveniences afforded a resident of Honolulu with its fantastic nightlife, dining, recreational opportunities and entertainment.

The most exclusive neighborhoods of Hawaii, such as Kahala and Diamond Head, always demand a premium price for purchase of property or residence. Luxury homes among Hawaii real estate are not immune to fluctuations in the national market, though the top-tier neighborhoods always boast a number of homes selling for anywhere from a million to thirty million dollars. The wide range of pricing for luxury homes in Hawaii brought many new buyers to the region when mortgage rates dropped and prices stopped climbing. Investors, families looking to relocate and those in the market for a vacation home are all popular clients among the luxury home market in Hawaii, particularly Honolulu and Oahu.


Criminal Defense Lawyer Salary

We've heard about criminal defense lawyers, we've watched them on television in the multitude of cops and lawyers kind of shows, some may have even been for a real life court proceeding, and are aware of how they function for real. Criminal defense lawyers can never have a dull moment, because there is always someone in need of their services. But who is a criminal defense lawyer? What is the job about? What is the salary like? There surely must be umpteen questions that you may want answered, so right from requirements to become a lawyer, to criminal defense lawyer salary, we'll take a look at everything.

Criminal Defense Lawyer: Job Description

To begin with, as in the case of any lawyer, a criminal defense lawyer acts as a representative for his client. When a person has either committed a crime, or has even been impeached for one, it is the criminal defense lawyer who acts on his client's behalf. When employed by the government, they are also known as public defenders. In terms of education, the rules do not change. Four years of school to obtain a bachelor's degree, followed by taking the Law School Admission Test, then moving on to three years in law school, and finally receiving the Juris Doctor degree. For a lawsuit lawyer detailed look on how to become a criminal defense attorney, you could take a look at career as a lawyer, as it will cover the basics. Moving back to job description, a lawyer of this kind would spend roughly 40 hours a week, working. The hours spent working are normally consumed by meeting with clients to discuss their case, doing extensive research regarding the same, and in case of trials, working on matters where witnesses may be cross examined. It is essential to bear in mind that a job like this generally demands for a lot of time to be spent in research, so as to build up a strong case in favor of the client.

Criminal Defense Lawyer: Salary

The interesting part about the salary of a criminal defense lawyer is the fact that salaries are charged on the basis of the crime that is being defended. While public records free basic average salary could range from $45,000 to $150,000 annually, with the addition of certain other perks it could go all the way up to $175,000 too. Colorado’s award-winning auto accident and personal injury law firm, providing the highest caliber representation with a proven track record of getting results. Our leading Denver personal injury attorneys will move mountains to get you the results you deserve. We are dedicated to our clients and have helped thousands of people throughout Colorado, recovering millions of dollars, and always offering 100% free consultations. Call us today to find out how we can help!Most lawyers of this nature charge a flat fee depending on the crime in question. The range of these crimes could be right from a white-collar conspiracy, to possession of narcotics, or even DUI (Driving Under the Influence). It goes without saying that a white-collar crime means big bucks, as against something like a lesser offense like DUI. In a whole lot of cases salaries also depend on where they are employed. This could refer to both, state or city of employment, as well as place of employment, in terms of the firm that they work at. Very evidently a criminal defense attorney working at a private firm is likely to earn more than a public defender, but either way, the annual salary and earnings of a criminal defense lawyer are good. Added years of experience and becoming a partner in a firm increases the chances of a higher salary even further. It is therefore advantageous in cases like these to work at a private firm or as a private attorney.

Apart from the above mentioned, the usual factors such as education, experience, etc., always play a key role too. Once you have that part of it figured out, there's absolutely nothing that can stop you from establishing yourself in this line, and from drawing a fabulous salary.



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